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Vivian James!

Vivian James!


A little girl fighting cancer for the 2nd time. This is her “Kick Cancers Ass” pose! Go Cami!


A little girl fighting cancer for the 2nd time. This is her “Kick Cancers Ass” pose! Go Cami!


bro my mans is dragging the frozen food section…


It’s 2014 and June is still my hero.



The side of #Gamergate that doesn’t get reported

#Gamergate supporters, female, male and trans, have been doxxed, harassed and been sent death threats too.
Boogie2988 has also received death threats and even his wife has too. 
Milo Yianopolous (@Nero on twitter) got sent a syringe in the post with an unknown liquid inside. 
(Source = https://twitter.com/Nero/status/513666683916255232 -https://twitter.com/Nero/status/506435662481219585)
(list of the Most Vocal GGers doxxed - https://twitter.com/myloserville/status/521723751084597249)

This Tumblr is devoted to documenting the harassment of GGer’s -http://gamergateharassment.tumblr.com/

#Gamergate has also been compared to ISIS as well as the KKK
(http://gamesnosh.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/devin.jpg -http://i.imgur.com/9LZCo3T.png - http://i.imgur.com/EnIgbnB.png -https://twitter.com/TheRalphRetort/status/522369469231140864 )

#Gamergate supporters helped track down multiple people and multiple accounts linked to threatening Anita Sarkeesian, even though we totally disagree with her flawed critique of the gaming industry. 
We disagree with Jack Thompson’s arguments that, Gaming makes people violent. just like we disagree with Anita’s arguments that gaming is rife with misogyny and makes us misogynistic.
I personally truly believe that its not GGers that have been sending her death threats. she has been receiving them long before Gamergate even took off. I believe its vile trolls that twitter is constantly plagued by. 
(Sources - http://archive.today/sFP0M , http://archive.today/mLMpj ,http://archive.today/1kRvP , http://archive.today/Cybnl ) 

There is hundreds of archive links and tweets documenting pro-GG supporters reporting accounts used for harassment. 

Gamergate completely condemns the harassments and fully supports women in the industry, what they don’t support is being called misogynists and racists because of the games we like to play, and being told that the games we are playing are making us misogynists when there’s absolutely no evidence and studies to suggest so.

Gamergate is absolutely NOT misogynist, a misogynistic movement would not help fund “The Fine Young Capitalists” (@TFYCapitalists on twitter) which is a project to help female developers make games.

Some of Gamergates most vocal members are also females,@JennieBharaj, @georgieonthego, @lizzyf620, @jayd3fox, @GGfeminist these are just a handful.
Even “The Factual Feminist”, Professor Christina H. Sommers, has been very vocal of her support to #gamergate . (@CHSommers)

Please take the time to look up the #Notyourshield hashtag on twitter, its females, LGBT and people of all races that side with Gamergate that do not like being used by biased media and radical SJW feminists to deflect criticism

Gamergate has been met with insane amounts of censorship too when people have wanted to start real conversations on how to settle this. 1 example is 25,000 comments deleted from /r/gaming by a mod that is personal friends with many writers of the biased and corrupt media.

#Gamergate movement has raised money towards multiple charities too.

$5,000 towards Suicide Prevention Charity

$15,000 towards Bullying Prevention Charity

$500(and rising) towards Action Against Hunger Charity

5 Articles from unbiased media that actually decided to take the time to show both sides fairly and honestly,

(1) http://reason.com/archives/2014/10/12/gamergate-part-i-sex-lies-and-gender-gam
(2) http://techcrunch.com/2014/09/25/gamergate-an-issue-with-2-sides/
(3) http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/gamergate-an-un-pc-rebellion/16029#.VEBza_nF_2N
(4) http://www.femitheist.net/2014/10/gamergate-and-golden-age-of-hysteria.html
(5) http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2014/10/09/gamergate-is-not-a-hate-group-its-a-consumer-movement/

I can go on forever and i can link you to as much evidence and to as many articles showing corruption and smear campaigns against #Gamergate ,
Reddit’s r/KotakuInAction is a great place to see everything thats being discussed in gamertgate.. 13,000+ people active

Also just to make it clear, you can be for #GamerGate without supporting death threats from vile trolls. Gamergate denounces violent threats. (http://i.imgur.com/ZIJQikJ.jpg ) « this image is retweeted by thousands of Gamergate supporters and it clearly shows our message. 

Thanks for hopefully taking the time to read this.. 

Pro-GGer - Mikey 


Female Gamers React To #Gamergate

After hosting a #Gamergate conversation with Brianna Wu and 8chan founder Frederick Brennan on Tuesday, HuffPost Live sat down with three female gamers on Wednesday to get their views on the movement.

Watch the entire video here for the full conversation with Georgina Young, a staff writer at Gamesided, and gamers Jennie Bharaj and Jemma Morgan

Based Jennie, Based Jemma and Based Georgina laying down some TOLD!… knights of the TOLD republic, H.P Lovecraft’s The Told Ones, J.R.R TOLDkien, TOLD of the Rings: The TOLD Towers, No Country for Told Men, Toldasaurus Rekt